We’re coming back to Shoreditch!

Rivington Street
Rivington Street, Shoreditch will be the second pop-up location for Taste This Beer

Taste This Beer London is delighted to announce a second pop-up bar coming to Shoreditch in mid-April.

We will be located at RedGalleryLDN’s Rivington Street venue, literally the next road away from our first location in Curtain Road.

More details to come…

Time to Kwak out the good stuff

It’s miserable out there but it’s great in here! We’ve got a new delivery of five more great beers.

Making its return after a keg went in record time is La Chouffe, but it’s joined by four new additions.

For those looking for something hoppy try Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA, (5.5% IBU 40) a blonde with a fruity and hoppy aroma and taste, with a dry finish.

Like your fruit lambics? Say hello to Timmermans Peche (4%) made by adding natural peach favouring to lambic fermenting in oak barrels, with just a hint of bitterness from the peach kernel and skin.

Then there’s the Duvel single (6.8%) the draught variant of the 8.5% ale.
The single refers to the fact it only undergoes one fermentation process, giving it a gentle happiness, a mild aroma and a subtle fruity bite.

And the keg Ciaran’s sitting on is the famous Kwak (8.4%). It’s recognisable by it’s deep bright amber colour and dense, creamy coloured head.

A slightly spicy character with hints of liquorice passing into a warm finish that reminds you of caramelized banana.
Cheers! 🍻

New beers

We’ve got new beers on! 🍻🍻 

Starting on the left is the Slaapmutske blond, a 6.4% with an IBU of 30. Another great beer from Dany de Smet, with a hoppy smell and slight twang of citrus.

You’re rewarded with a pleasant full-malt taste which is nicely rounded.

In the middle we have the Framboise Boon from Brouwerij Boon, a 5.0% raspberry lambic to go with the Kriek Boon we already have on. There’s no artificial flavourings, only real raspberries.

And finally we have the La Rulles Estivale, a 5.2% 43 IBU Saison.

Lots of aromatic hops in this one, with hints of grapefruit and a long finish. Very refreshing!

Something for the weekend?

It’s the weekend and time for something new on tap!
Introducing the La Rulles Triple, an 8.4% 39 IBU tripel.
Brewed with Pilsner malt, Warrior and Amarillo hops, it is fermented with Orval’s top fermenting triple yeast. Secondary fermentation in the kegs is with dark candy sugar. Cheers!

Slaapmutske Bio Tripel

One of the great advantages of not being tied to any brewery is you can choose your own beer, including some of the smaller breweries.

Making its UK debut is the beautifully named Slaapmutske Bio Tripel, which means ‘nightcap’ in English.

An 8 per cent golden blond, brewer Danny De Smet has made something special.

The result is a wonderfully smooth beer with a spicy, bitter aftertaste. Cheers!🍻

There’s a beer for everyone

As well as showcasing some of the tremendous beers Belgium has to offer, we are really keen on introducing people to beer.

In the UK we still have a tendency to think beer is only for men but it really isn’t.

This customer said she didn’t drink beer at all. 

But after trying the beautiful Mort Subite Kriek Lambic she was hooked!

Chimay Goud

One of our more popular beers so far is the Chimay Goud, a 4.8 per cent Patersbier, which you won’t find easily in the UK.

It’s brewed with water from an underground well with pale ale malt, Hallertau hops, Curacao, coriander and the Chimay house yeast.