About Taste This Beer London

Taste This Beer London is a revolutionary Belgian beer tasting experience where customers pour their own drinks using cards pre-loaded with credit.

We have the largest amount of self-serve taps than anywhere else in the UK and an unrivalled Belgian beer selection, ranging from the classics to beers not yet on sale this side of the English Channel.

Taste This Beer London Shoreditch pop-up

How Taste This Beer works

Oyster card-style RFID technology allows people to pour their own beers.

Buy some credit to get a Taste This Beer card with your money on.

Our beer credit cards used RFID technology

Our touchscreen displays show information about each beer. Choose your beer, place the card in the holder below the screen and select which of the two on the display you want to drink.

You pour your own drink

Pour your drink. It cuts off automatically when your portion is dispensed.

Built-in glass cleaners

Ready for another beer? Rinse your glass in our built-in washers.

  • Say goodbye to queues. With 32 beers with their own dedicated pump, there’s never a wait for the beer you want. That’s more time to spend enjoying drinks with your friends.
  • Get to try several beers. Because you’re drinking 1/3 pint portions it’s very easy to sample a number of different beers as you’re not committing to a whole pint.
  • Your beer tastes better. The pint glass is a British institution but it doesn’t do the flavour any flavours.
    Drinking at a moderate pace, your beer may be warm or going flat by the time you’ve gotten to the last third or so. Plus, the beer is warmed up by your hand on the glass. When you drink from a smaller glass, you naturally drink slower, enabling you to further appreciate the brewer’s craftsmanship.
  • No pressure. With no bartender or other people behind you in the queue, you won’t be rushed into making a decision. Take your time to consider what you want to drink.
  • No rounds. You’re in control of what you drink and when, there’s no impetus to beat the crowds.

There’s a lot of excitement around Taste This Beer London and we’ve  already been covered by Essex Live, Imbibe UK and The Drinks Business.

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